is a design

We are driven by the idea of fostering new perspectives on the relationship between human beings and technology.

From creative direction to production and manufacturing, we explore complex issues at the crossroads of technology, arts and science.

We operate a wide range of technological resources in order to create products and experiences that convey new forms of emotional relevance.


Roman Weil


Tom Formont


Guillaume Le Tarnec


Jordi Vuong

senior designer

Constant Even

junior designer


7, rue des Taillandiers
75011 Paris, France



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Client index

CEA-List 2022 active Design Unit
ENSCI-Les Ateliers 2022 closed XP Unit
Waking Life Festival 2022 closed XP Unit
Stone Island 2022 closed XP Unit
Villa Eugénie 2022 closed XP Unit
Audi 2021 closed Research Unit
Nexelec 2022 active Design Unit
Inbrain Neuroelectronics 2022 active Design Unit
Performance in Lighting 2021 active Design Unit
Adidas 2021 closed XP Design
Togæther 2021 closed XP Unit
Resolve Medical 2021 closed Design Unit
Robeauté 2020 active Design Unit
Grand Palais - RMN 2020 closed XP Unit
Comintes 2019 active Design Unit
Palais de Tokyo 2019 closed XP Unit
GA Smart Building 2019 closed Design Unit
Essilor Instruments 2019 closed Design Unit

Former collaborators

Kevin Pham

Benjamin Pecout

Guillaume Michaud

Antoine Foucault

Paul Seiller