Technical Happiness


Technical Happiness Units Research Review No.1

URR is a design research journal. For her first issue, she explores the sensations of technical systems through contributions from anthropologists, historians, artists and designers.



What do the technical systems around us cause? From fear to fascination to fear or fantasy, strong feelings rub shoulders. The first issue of Units Research Review, Technical Happiness, probes the intersections between technique and joy.

Units Research Review No.01: Technical Happiness is a research journal published by Units. Between research book, playbook and collection of plastic productions, U.R.R takes you, through 11 contributions, to the technical side:

  • Survival User Manual – Magda Skibinska & Jaap Smit [FRA & ENG]
  • Technical pop – Jean-Yves Leloup [FRA]
  • Sound Sculptures – Baschet Structures [FRA]
  • Technical Nights – Catharine Rossi [FRA & ENG]
  • Simplexity – Como Lart [FRA]
  • The hidden side of technique – Benedict Redgrove [FRA & ENG]
  • What happened to the future? – Nicolas Nova [FRA]
  • Artificial Mechanics – Obvious [FRA]
  • Behind the scenes of "Extreme" – Mack Rides [FRA & ENG]
  • To the Happiness of the Waves – Emmanuel Grimaud [FRA]
  • Technical Emotions – Units [FRA]