Experimental Party Unit

E.P.U is a techno-sensory environment designed for the Undomestic festival at the Palais de Tokyo. It will be exhibited at the Audi Talents 2019 winners’ show. In extension the devices of A.P.M and U.R.R learnings this experience invites the viewer to enter a technical and sensory environment.


Tower is a machine operating with motorized light. The beam is reflected in a 360-degree mirror, revealing the silhouettes of the people present, the architecture of the place or one of the other devices.


Water is a machine consisting of a transparent plexiglass circle filled with water. It reproduces in space the effects of “caustics” and aquatic light projections.


Smoker is a device composed of a motorized aluminum hoop (vertical axis) making a dynamic smoke sculpture.


Blaster is an interactive device modeled after the trebuchet children’s game. It allows the audience to climb on it and direct the lights as they see fit


Bumper is a wide resting seat for the public consisting of a steel structure and inflatable cylinders. Creating comfortable listening conditions is an integral part of E.P.U.