Designing tomorrow's optical diagnosis

Essilor Instruments introduces a new machine to improve the accuracy and precision of optical refraction. Units envisions the opportunities and designs the overall experience.
Essilor Units Design User Research Prototype

Units sets up a User Research approach in order to grasp the challenges faced by the various players: ophthalmologists, opticians and patients. At the same time, we conduct an analysis of the issues related to the technological innovations developed by Essilor.

What are the opportunities offered by this new system given the opening-up of the optical diagnostics field?

How to clarify for a patient a prescription that is often unclear?

Units helps to build a seamless experiment by producing several scenarios and their key interactions. These scenarios are enhanced with patients and professionals from the optometric field in order to highlight the most engaging aspects when adopting a new optical measurement system.

Essilor Units Design Research Tech

The Vision R-800 was awarded in 2018 by a Golden Silmo in the hardware & equipment category at the World Optical Show.